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We are one of Chicago's premiere independent music production companies. Self-sustained in every possible way, we also draw from a pool of creative people from the local area, providing them with hands-on opportunities to develop their craft while working with on-going operational projects. We offer a wide variety of services suited for both the high end need customer to the "economically challenged" consumer. Our experience in a variety of media related subjects which range from audio recording and production (to include mastering), sound design, songwriting, music scores for T.V., movies and games, scriptwriting, talent development, live concert sound and production, DMX lighting design, graphic design and production, logo design, photography, video production and editing, costume design and production just to name a few. Call us to find out more information:

IMW Services

We provide the best possible solutions for the best possible price!


We are Branding Specialist! We have been doing this for more than 20 years. We will help you define your product and come up with a winning suggestions that you can choose from. Let's meet up and dicuss your ideas. The first consultation is FREE!

Web Design

Industrial Media works owns many .COM's and has built quite a few websites over the years including the one your visiting right now. Take a moment to visit all the websites in our "Links" section above. Check them out! Then let us know how we can help you build yours!

Graphic Design

Carlos Santiago is our cheif Graphics Designer. With years of exoerience under his belt, he is a specialist in a variety of mediums to include Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and More. He will turn your intitial sketch ior ideas intoa a final product. Pencil or water colors? Oils or computer art? You decide!

Videography and Video Editing

We pride ourselves in the variety of services we can provide. Not only through our in-house capabilities, but through other professional business associates that we team up with to get big job done. We can write scripts, deliver storyboards, light and shoot your video and do final edits.


Our access to some of Chicago's finest photographer's is quite extensive and yes, they are associates and work closely with us too. From hard working student's to top notch professional's we can get your photo project in the books and ready to start.

Sound Recording and Production

How about an in-house recording studio? Nick Santiago owner of Industrial Media Works is also a working musician and sound engineer. Years of experience are at his disposal to help you with your music or sound design project.
IMW Services.

Here is a list of just a few services we can provide.

Industrial Media Works is comprised of several different departments. We specialize in different facets of media arts that inter-twine into one self-supporting company. With more than 15 years of live music entertainment, performance and production background, as well as hands on sound design and engineering experience, we strive to meet the needs of those that require in-depth production assistance as well as budding talent facing new challenges in their first steps towards artistic endeavors.

Live Music/Bands

We currently manage and book four great acts from the Chicagoland area. These shows are seasoned touring veterans with years of experience: V IS FOR VILLAINS - A well known national electronic rock act apprearing at venues and conventions across the country.MR. AGITATOR'S D.J. Show, lead singer and sonwriter of V IS FOR VILLAINS performs a one man DJ Show of epic proportions, a Chicago favorite Industrial Rock band DIGITAL MINDY and Colonel Gunn's Wild West Music Show, a great blend of classic 60's and 70's rock band with a pinch of Cowboy music thrown in for fun! All acts are available for booking. Just contact us for more information!

Live Sound Production and Rentals

Industrial Media Works owns it's own top of the line sound and lighting system. A 24 Channel Allen & Heath Mixer, Crown Amplifiers and JBL and Sub Speakers will deliver the sound you need for your event.. Perfect for special events, concerts, weddings and more. WE've got the equipment and sound engineer to make your event a succesful one! Call us know for pricing and availability! 773-642-4506

Graphic Illustrations/Logo Design

Photoshop, Illustrator, and More. We have a hand in just about everything creative. Blessed with a wide pool of talent to draw from, we will turn your project over to the right person to get the job done!

Costume Production and Design/Mask Making

Headed by none other than V is for Villains stage performer and costume designer Anlise Rahn, special made items can be designed, ordered and produced, all in-house of Industrial Media Works. MASKS!, MASKS!, MASKS! Who makes MASKS? Why pretty much EVERYONE associated with INDUSTRIAL MEDIA WORKS. Leather made masks and accesries can be special ordered or purchase pre-made pieces at the V IS FOR VILLAINS SHOP located at our store!

DMX Light Shows

DMX Lighting designers can help you choose and design the right lighting for your event. We own our own lighting system so we can give you a better deal than costly rental packages and our DMX experience will ensure you get a great light show every time!

Sound Design and Recording/Songwriting

Songwriting or theme music recorded in our own in-house studio. We have experience writing songs and sound tracks for T.V., Movies and Games. Voice over sessions as well as band recording packages are available.

Web Design Development/Marketing

Whether you're a musician, artist or small business, Industrial Media Works can assist you with your marketing plan. We offer consulting services in print, web and media and help you decide how to best put your marketing ideas in motion.


We have a team of videographers ready to produce the business video, music video or instructional video that you need. From pre-production to post production editing or video titleing, Industrial Media Works can handle all of your needs..

Make-Up Specialists

If you need Hollywood style special effects make-up, then you came to the right place. We have a number of associates including in-house techs that can assist you with your special effects make-up needs. Whether for a video or movie production or personal event, or even if you just a big assist for your special Halloween event. We can assist or even come up with designs for your special make-up needs!

We’re the best professionals in this field

Nick Santiago is the owner of Industrial Music Works LLC. His vast experience in the arts has enabled him to reach out and share his experiences with others.
Nicholas Santiago

Years of experience in the performance arts/graphic arts/web design/vidoegraphy and more.
Carlos Santiago
Executive Producer

Theresa Santiago

Office Manager
Theresa Santiago
Office Manager
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